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Jul 5th, 2013


Almost a year ago, I made a call for writers to submit videos of themselves to show the world that we exist. I was inundated by entries and pleased with the outcome.

Well, that was then, and we’re overdue another. And although I’m calling this the ‘I Write’ Video – it is open to editors, cover designers, formatters, and proofreaders.

We all play a part in creating stories.

How to participate:

Your message will be 2 words  out of the following:

I write / edit / promote / design / format / proof
He writes / edits / promotes / designs / formats / proofs
She writes / edits / promotes / designs / formats / proofs
We write / edit / promote / design / format / proof
They write / edit / promote / design / format / proof

So… you could have a video where you say “I write”, or if you’re an editor you could say “I edit”.

If you write,  edit, format, proof, design covers, and promote, etc, then state your primary role. I don’t want to have multiple entries per person up.

Maybe your children are around you and they state “She writes”.

What about a writing group that announce “We write”.

Or someone pointing to a group with “They edit”.

Be creative, be you, have fun and let the world know about us.


How to Submit:

1. You can use a webcam, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, or any other smartphone to record your video.

2. Please try to have your face at least above the 1/3 mark (ie: the red section below). This allows me to add your TwitterID without overlapping your wonderful features.

3. You can be holding a copy of your own book (as additional advertising)

4. Keep it simple in execution without singing, lengthening, or muffling the speech.

5. Each video should be approximately 1 to 1.5 seconds to state the words. Don’t worry about footage before or after the words, I can clip those out.

6. Please shoot the video in a location that isn’t dark.

7. Don’t rush your words.

8. Please don’t paste your name or Twitter ID on the video. I’ll do that.

9. When emailing, make sure that you include your Twitter ID so I can verify that you are associated with writing/aiding writers in some form or other.

Closing Date is August 31st 2013

Email the video to

An important note: Those that submit, and are successful, please, please, please, do share, Facebook, RT, promote the video once it is released. Exposure is good for all involved – including you.

Please share and join in!


Note: The Sequels to my debut YA Science Fiction novel: Disconnect are due July 29 2013. Disconnect is currently free to download from Amazon.

12 Responses to “Join the I Write Video”

  1. So frakking awesome.

    • Flickimp says:

      The possibilities are endless.

      You could have people in a diner saying “She Writes” … and you’re on the other side minding your own business having a cup of coffee 🙂

  2. Tim Moon says:

    Cool, I remember this from last year but I missed out. I’ll get something in for this year. Cheers!

  3. Bren says:

    Hi Imran – this sounds great. I missed last year but have an idea for this one.

  4. Steph says:

    I’m in! This is brilliant.

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  6. […] Note: Please do join in with the ‘I Write’ Video – that will be awesome. […]

  7. I missed the last one, but I’ll do my best to join this one! Great idea. 🙂

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