Prepared to Give E-publishing a go?

By Flickimp
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Oct 13th, 2012

For a time and a half I’ve been pouring time and money into pursuing the traditional route. You name it – write, redraft, external edits, betas, proof-reads, etc . . . the whole truckload of things that writers should take seriously before you submit to a literary agent. So far – no such luck in securing a deal or getting sniff of one, however it hasn’t been all bad. Some agents have passed on comments to point me in the right direction of improvements required: Muchos Gracias.

For quite some time I leaned away from self-publishing because I did categorise it as a quick vanity method of getting a novel out there. Sorry – I hope nobody is offended by that. In recent times, with each new novel and the expense that goes into polishing them, not having them out there – being read – reviewed or even torn apart can suck the gutstraps out of a guy.


Believe me – I’m not writing for massive fame or a life-changer, but if I can achieve recognition for the tales told and make some income from it to support further writing ventures, then that’s got to a be a good thing right?

Well… thanks to David Gaugran’s amazing Let’s Get Digital book – a must buy – I am opening myself up to diversifying with both the traditional and the self-pub market. I will – with every new novel –  continue to submit to agents (you got to give it a go people) – and then if none get a bite, I will e-publish. In fact, I’ve already timetabled (on the back of a stained envelope) the 3 novels I’d like to release in 2013.

On many occasions I am asked about when my novels will be released and my single reply is “when it happens”. I have to change that to “Soon” and hopefully “Here’s the release date”.

I am no expert in self-pub or e-pub, but DG’s book is now part of my desk.

With time, I’ll be coming back and forth to engage with others to ensure I’m on the right path, and hopefully I’ll keep my blog-readers up to date on lessons gained and pitfalls dodged.

Remember, I’m still going for trad, but I’m not going to miss out on the e-pub supernova.

6 Responses to “Prepared to Give E-publishing a go?”

  1. You might find this piece a useful read at this stage in your thought processes viz self-publishing, Imran:

    I’ve also got a piece coming out on the Duolit site tomorrow you will find *massively* useful if you do pursue this path. Good luck! x

  2. Len Berry says:

    I’m with you, Imran. I want physical books and placement in real bookstores. Until then, e-publishing gives us a doorway to building an audience and refining our craft.

    Keep us posted. We’re with you. (I am, at least.)

    • Flickimp says:

      My underlying passions is still to walk into a shop and see my book, no matter how scruffed the spine, sitting on a shelf.
      But, if epublishing is one way to do it, then I’m happy.

      Yup, please do bash me if you suspect I’m doing things the wrong way.

  3. Dee J Kirkby says:

    Hi Imran,
    I too have ventured into self publishing but after having been published by an Indie first. It wasn’t a bad experience but I came to the conclusion that I could do the same and keep all the royalties. It has been a steep learning curve, and an expensive one in terms of paying for edits and cover art, but well worth it. I would love to see my books in traditional book stores but having them available to buy online is the next best thing.

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